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Boulder, CO Travel Guide

Since I moved to Boulder in April 2015, I literally have not had a chance to be bored.  I know that sounds crazy, but there is SO MUCH to do here!  I keep inviting all of my out of town friends and family to visit because I know I have endless ways to entertain them here.  No matter what you like to do when you go on vacation, Boulder has it.  You can shop till you drop, hike up to a beautiful overlook, drink one too many margs on a rooftop… you name it!  There’s even a beach you can lay on if you’re desperate. 😉

Boulder Reservior
View of Boulder from the base of the Flatirons.


All of the following are on 29th street mall (which, by the way, is perfect and Christmasy right now!!):

  • Evereve – Such a fun store!  The sales team here is SO nice and helpful.  This store was actually created for moms as a place where they can relax, enjoy shopping, and feel encouraged!  Honestly though, as a 25 year old, I would have never guess it’s a “mom” store.  Definitely check it out if you happen to live near one!
  • Anthropologie – I always love walking into Anthropologie.  The home decor section is my kryptonite.  There are so many great gifts in Anthro!  Be sure to check out the sale room as well.
  • Sephora – Who doesn’t love going into Sephora and trying out all the samples?! P.S. I’m really digging this Dior lip tattoo right now. I have Natural Berry.
  • lululemon athletica – Because you can never have too cute many workout outfits. #Motivation
  • Madewell – Classy and chic clothes.  I’m in love with this super soft sweater right now.
  • Nordstrom Rack – My favorite part about the Rack?  Four words:  Hanky Panky ON SALE.
  • J. Crew Mercantile – Discounts on discounts on discounts.
29th Street Mall – Picture from Flickr

These stores are on Pearl Street, which is an adorable pedestrian malls nested in the foothills.  It’s pretty much the epicenter of Boulder.

  • Island Farm – This is a really fun boutique.  They have awesome clothing, home decor, baby clothes (eek!), and books.
  • Free People – I looooove how I feel in Free People clothing.  Somehow, I always feel a little more carefree when I don a dress of theirs.
  • Bliss – This is a lovely home decor store.  I feel like I could do all of my Christmas shopping here! They have fun accessories, cards, and kitchen and bath necessities.
  • Fjallraven – This outdoor store has some awesome and durable outerwear.  The first time I went, they were having a free happy hour and giving out beer to customers.  Such a fun experience, and I got a jacket 50% off!  Score.
  • Kiwi Boutique – A cute and quaint boutique.
  • Liberty Puzzles – So this is not a clothing store… but their puzzles are so much fun, I had to share! The pieces are not your typical shapes.  All puzzles are made out of wood are works of art!  You can even snag a free piece as a souvenir. 🙂

  • Steve Madden – This is solely a shoe store. (That was a pun.) Some of their boots can be a bit out there and rugged for me, but I do love their style!
  • Weekends – The prices here can be a bit steep, but I’m always down to window shop here!  The carry brands like AG and Rag & Bone.
Pearl Street Mall

Where to Eat:

  • West End Tavern – Great beer, rooftop seating, and a darn good veggie burger (if you’re into that..)
  • Mountain Sun – I freaking love Mountain Sun.  It’s a brewery, so you’ll have your choice of amazing beer, but the food also keeps me coming back.  It’s cash only, but if you forget, they just give you an envelope to mail the cash in later.  Pretty cool, right?
  • Snooze A.M. Eatery – Not your average brunch spot!  The cocktails are so creative and SO GOOD. Do yourself a favor and try the Snooze Fashioned. Then there’s the breakfast burrito – it’s as big as your head… it’ll blow your mind.
  • Walnut Cafe– This place… y’all… it’s my go to brunch spot.  It’s so good, words can’t do it justice. Trust me on this one. (P.S. get the blueberry cornbread. Just do it. Don’t ask questions.)
  • Sherpa’s – Amazing Nepolese food and a fun atmosphere!  Seriously, your taste buds will thank you.
  • Salt – The use local ingredients to make unique dishes.  And by unique I mean amazing.
  • The Kitchen Next Door – Fun atmosphere, great burgers. A Boulder staple.
  • Efrain’s – a small mexican restaurant off the beaten path that has awesome margs and food.  They’ll get you in and out fast.
  • Flagstaff House – Built into the mountainside at 6000′, you get dinner and a gorgeous view of the Front Range. Main courses here start at $40 a plate, but it’s a must do. (At least once in your lifetime!)  Ryan and I went for my birthday last year, and we lucked out with a beautiful sunset while we dined…

Where to Drink

  • The Rio– Rooftop + Margarita = Love.  This is my go-to rooftop bar.  The margs are amazing, and Friday night happy hours always seem to end up here (and that makes me happy).
  • Wildwoods Brewery– I used to live across the street, so I would go all the time.  I moved, but I still go all the time.  Their beer is so good, and they’re located in an old garage, so they can open up the overhead door and let all the fresh air in.  Patio seating is available as well.
  • Bitter Bar– Sort of a hipster spot, but I absolutely love their creative drinks and sultry atmosphere.
  • License No. 1– It’s located below Hotel Boulderado and slightly off the beaten path. I always feel a little more classy when I’m in License No. 1. It’s a swanky atmosphere with amazing drinks and good live music, too.
  • Bohemian Biergarten– Awesome German pub!

Where to Hike:

When I first moved to Boulder, I knew no one.  So I hiked a lot!  Here are a few must do hikes in Boulder:

  • The Flatirons – This is an obvious one because the Flatirons are pretty much Boulder’s icon! I look at them every day and love knowing that I can just hike up one whenever I want to.  But be warned.. it is a difficult hike if you aren’t used to the elevation. 2.6 miles round trip with 1400 feet of elevation gain!  It’s fun to just hike around the base as well!

I love to get up early and watch the sunrise from the Flatirons!

  • Mt. Sanitas – This hike is awesome because you have a gorgeous view of Boulder for most of the way.  It’s a 3.3 mile round trip hike with about 1300 feet of elevation gain.  Be warned:  it gets super crowded on the weekends (understandably so).

  • Wonderland Lake – When I lived in North Boulder, I used to bike to Wonderland Lake and hike up Wonderland Hills to watch the sunset.  It’s a really peaceful place.

Next time you’re in Boulder, I hope you get to walk Pearl Street mall and indulge in Boulder’s unique cuisine. If you have time while you’re here, definitely check out one or two of the hikes I mentioned above.  The views are SO worth it.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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