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Unexpected Gifts for Your Better Half

What do you do when you want to buy gifts for your better half, but they’re all set on clothes and really want less ‘things’ in their life? Give them some experience they’ll never forget! Here are some ideas I’ve come up with. Ryan and I have tried a few of these, and we both approve haha.

  1. Sign the two of you up for a cooking class. Learning about new spices or how to sauté onions can seriously change your cooking game at home! Plus, y’all will end up discovering random things about each other. For example, you may realize that you actually like the taste of beets, or that you are an expert tomato dicer. The possibilities are endless! We really like Sur la table‘s cooking classes!
  2. Stop by your closest rock climbing gym and pick up some passes for the two of you. Working out together is always a bonding experience, but literally trusting your partner with your life (i.e. trusting them to be your belayer and not get distracted and let go of the rope)? That’s where the REAL love is haha. We’ve been to Movement in Boulder a few times, and I would def recommend if you’re in the area! (There is one in Denver, too.)

    Image from Google
  3. Make reservations at a paint & sip class. I seriously love these classes. You get to drink wine, paint, and learn new techniques all at the same time, AND you get a souvenir to remember the experience. Score! FYI, PoshSplat in Boulder is a great option!
  4. Reserve a fun weekend getaway for the two of you. Last year, Ryan surprised me with a trip to Monarch Mountain (a ski resort that I’d been wanting to go to). It’s so much fun to go somewhere new together! I love skiing powder, so that was a great idea for me. Other options could being going to a new city and doing brewery tours, hiking, sightseeing… but I think anything is fun with the right person haha!
    monarch mountain colorado
    Pictures taken during our trip to Monarch Mountain last winter


  5. Purchase concert tickets to a cool venue or a band they’ve been dying to see. Even if it’s a few months away, you still get to anticipate it together. My favorite venue in CO is Red Rocks – a beautiful natural amphitheater in Morrison, CO.

    red rocks colorado
    Image from Pinterest

I hope that helps anyone who is struggling with last minute gift ideas! For those people in your life who aren’t so much into “material things,” experiences are a great option! 

Merry Christmas y’all!

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