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New Years Resolutions + Winter White Wool Coat



We are in our LAST WEEK of 2017!!!! What happened y’all? Can you believe how time flies? I feel like it was just Halloween, but here we are, knocking on the door of 2018… and I have to say, I’m excitedddd. I’m ready for 2018. Not all years of our life are as easy as we would like them to be. 2017 was not a bad year for me, but it wasn’t my best year either. Now don’t get me wrong, I love life right now! But I’m getting married in 2018! And I have a blog to channel all my creativity towards! I just don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a new year to begin!

I’ve always loved the idea of a fresh start on New Year’s Day. Making resolutions is so much fun IMO! Last year, I made three resolutions:

  1. Run four miles three times a week.  I didn’t do this necessarily every week, and I definitely changed up the milage, but I stuck with 12 miles a week pretty well!  I also became obsessed with running, and ended up running a half marathon, which was an unexpected bonus haha!
  2. Quit feeling sorry for myself.  I was kinda bored with my job, I didn’t have enough girlfriends in Colorado, I missed my friends and family in Tennessee, blah blah blah. It’s way too easy to see the negative in your life and forget about all the POSITIVE things in your life that you have to be thankful for! Whenever I felt down, I repeated this quote to myself: “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln.
  3. Do meal prep (lunch only) every Sunday.  I kept making excuses do avoid doing this one. “It’s Sunday, I need to relax,” or “I need to do laundry and clean and watch Netflix.” I had finally had it with my boring lunches, and dun dun dun… I did meal prep one time and my life was changed. Meal prep is everything. I made quinoa and chicken with a kale and carrot salad, and y’all, it’s so good. It only takes an hour or so, and it’s nice to look forward to a healthy lunch every day.

Making a few goals for yourself and sticking to them can allow you to better yourself as a person. Maybe you decide to sign up for an online class, in which you learn more than you expected to learn, and end up changing your career. Or maybe you vow to walk or run 20 minutes a day, and feel healthier and less stressed, and those twenty minutes become the best part of your day! You never know how setting a goal will impact your life. These are your goals. Go for what you want! 

On another note…


It has been COLD in Colorado this week! Like high of 10 degrees, cold! I was so thankful I had this wool jacket to bundle up in, and I love how it covers my booty! Every girl needs a classic trench coat IMO! This jacket is a couple seasons old, but I’ve linked some similar options below. I think trench coats are really flattering, and I love how this one ties at the waist to really accentuate your figure. 


Jacket: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3 | Option 4Booties (on sale!) 

Have y’all been thinking about any New Year’s resolutions for 2018?! Do you have any fitness related, or is there something new you’d like to learn? Let me know! I’m still in the process of making my 2018 resolutions!!


  • Chadwick of Boston 3/4 Length Wool Coat

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