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Fleece Pullover Obsession


Happy Monday, y’all! The second workweek of 2018 has official begun! Hope everyone’s having an awesome year so far!

I know, I know, you’ve probably seen this pullover on almost every other blogger, but that’s because it’s pretty much the most perfect fleece in the entire world! #NOThyperbole! It’s seriously *my favorite* pullover I own. I could live in this forever and be completely content haha! It doesn’t look slouchy at all, but it has the comfort level of pajamas, which I’m allll about. This top is completely my style for two reasons:

1. I LOVE to layer my outfits, (especially here in CO!) and this is a great layering piece.
2. The quilted neckline is right up my alley. It’s such a classy touch that I just can’t get enough of! 

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Every time I wear this, I debate whether or not I should get it in another color haha! Honestly I think every color Abercrombie made in this is a hit. You can’t go wrong! 

Have a great day! Thanks for reading!

xoxo liz


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