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Seven Minute Workout

seven minute workout

How many of y’all want to workout every day, but can’t find the time? I get it… you need your beauty sleep, so you can’t workout in the morning before work. Lunchtime gets busy, so that’s not an option. By the time you get home, you have dinner to make, dishes to do, etc…. Life gets BUSY! BUT! I found this workout that is seriously a lifesaver. It’s called “The 7 Minute Workout,” and believe it or not, it only takes seven minutes. I’ve legit been sore from this workout haha. 

7 minute workout
Photo source: NY Times

What it is: This workout combines HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) to elevate your heart rate and boost metabolism. Basically, it’s 30 seconds of an activity (such as wall sits, crunches, running in place, squats, etc.), followed by 10 seconds of rest. See all the activities in the photo above.

What you need: All you need is a wall (to lean against during your wall sit) and a chair (or something about that tall that you can step up onto). Other than that, you just need enough space to do push-ups and lunges.

Why I love it: Other than the fact that it only takes seven minutes, I love that I can do it in my own home. The app I use is called “7 Minute Workout” by Wahoo Fitness. It has a timer built in, and it announces each activity out loud so you don’t have to time yourself or keep checking your phone to see what exercise is next. Side note: this app is FREE! You really don’t need to buy anything to complete this workout.

Think of it this way: seven minutes is only 0.5% of your day. Doesn’t it seem more manageable now?? 

Have y’all tried high intensity workouts like this before? Are there any other workouts you like that don’t take too much time?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love that this only takes seven minutes! We gotta download that app or is it upload? Whatever it is, gotta check it out! We are terrible self motivators to workout at home but this seems totally doable!

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