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When To Splurge + Cozy Sweater


Outfit Details: Sweater | Jeans: Here & Here | Boots | Headband | Similar Scarf | Sunglasses | Earrings 

Happy Friday / Groundhog’s Day, friends! We’ve made it to the end of another work week. Go us! Are you hoping for another six weeks of winter, or are you ready for spring? Obviously it’s still winter in Boulder haha. We’ve gotten some good snow lately, and it’s supposed to snow some more this weekend. I’ll admit, this was one of the coldest photoshoots I’ve done so far, but I was thankful to be wearing this cozy sweater

The other day I was in Anthropologie when I stumbled upon the softest, most perfect looking sweater. It was cold outside, so I was thinking about how I need more cozy sweaters to keep me warm. I took a look a the price tag, lol’ed, and continued to try it on. Unfortunately (or fortunately?!) I fell in love and totally swooned over it, but I decided to practice self control. I left left it in the dressing room. (Go Liz!) The next day, I was back in Anthropologie picking up something for a bridesmaid’s gift, when I saw that gorgeous sweater again and thought… maybe I’ll just try it on again. So I did. But the practical side of myself won over once again, and I left it there once more. Fast forward a few days. I was in the same plaza running an errand, when I saw Anthropologie staring me in the face. “I could just go in and look at it…” Five minutes later, I walked out with the sweater, happy as a clam. Sometimes, you just gotta splurge!!! 

When to Splurge

I hardly ever spend more that $60 on a top or sweater, but this one just called to me. I actually posted a picture on Instagram to ask y’all’s advice haha. There are a few things I consider when I’m buying an article of clothing:

  1. Can I wear it in multiple seasons?
  2. Is it good quality?
  3. Does it increase my confidence level?

If those three answers are all ‘yes,’ then I’ll usually pull the trigger. IMO, splurging should only be done if an item makes you feel like a million bucks.

Splurge vs. Investment

Sometimes, I like to replace the word “splurge” with the word “invest.”

Example: “I recently invested in these Hudson jeans, and I’ve been getting so much use out of them. I’m so glad I bit the bullet!”

Seriously though, I bought this pair of Hudsons (my first pair!), and I just want to wear them every. single. day. They’re so comfortable, they make my butt look good, and the distressing is just right. Y’all know I’m particular about the length of my jeans (see my favorite long inseam jeans in this post), and this pair of jeans is actually long enough. It’s not easy for me to pass up a pair of denim that’s comfortable, flattering, and long enough! These are definitely #splurgeworthy.

What’s your most recent splurge? I’d love to hear, so let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading, and happy investing!

xoxo liz



  1. Love that you held out to the third time before you got the sweater! Sometimes you just have to treat yourself! It is a classic sweater that you can wear for years to come! Let’s see splurge or investment items…. we usually spend a little more on purses. We do not switch out our purses, so one that can be carried day in and day out for years is worth it to us!

    1. Agreed!! Purses are definitely in investment because they last forever (or at least for a few years) and you carry your purse every. single. day. Thanks so much for reading Katie and Lydia! And thank you for sharing what you love to “invest” in!

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