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Cowl Neck Sweater + Waiting for Spring


Happy Friday gang! How’s the winter going for ya so far? This winter has been *cold* in Boulder, and to be honest I’m SO ready for spring right now!!! Maybe this is just God teaching me to be patient and embrace my surroundings? As much as I’m ready for warmer weather and the beach, the snow does have a way of making me appreciate winter. It’s like living in a (cold) snow globe!

Trying to embrace winter is a good thing. BUT, if you’re struggling like me, and you’re craaaving the beach and summertime right now, I have some suggestions for you. Here’s what I do when I’m wishing for warmer days:

  • If you can swing it, book a random, cheap, weekend beach vacation. Ryan and I may or may not have just done that. idk.
  • Look at beach pictures online while listening to Kenny Chesney. Because why not.
  • Go swimsuit shopping!! Online or in stores. You don’t have to buy anything, but it’s just fun to think about where you can wear it IMO!
  • Look at a map and make a bucket list of places you have to visit in the world. I love doing this because I learn about places that I never even knew existed.

While I’m waiting for it to warm up, you can find me in this super cozy cowl neck sweater. This exact one is sold out, but I’ve linked some other options below that I think y’all will love! I love these types of tops because you can wear it off the shoulder when it warms up!

I really can’t complain about being cold. Colorado is so beautiful, and it’s supposed to snow more this weekend, making it an even snowier snow globe!!! I’m headed up to Aspen for a bachelorette party this weekend (wooo!), and they’re supposed to get 6 inches, so it’ll be gorgeous!

What are y’all doing this weekend? Are you ready for it to warm up like I am?!

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great weekend!

xoxo liz

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  1. Liz we absolutely love these ideas on how to get through the tough winter months! We love winter but no matter what everyone does get sick of the cold temps and they start itching for the seasons to change. We are slightly jealous though – we have not had much snow this season….. Be safe in Aspen this weekend and enjoy! XO

    1. Thank you so much!!! It just keeps snowing in CO, and I do appreciate the beauty of this winter wonderland! I’m so happy for you two achieving one year of blogging. I’m headed over to your blog to read about your journey right now!

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