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Madewell classic ex-boyfriend shirt in plaid patchwork

Hey y’all!

Liz here. I’m a Tennessee girl living in Boulder, Colorado. Fashion + the outdoors + Jesus = my passions. I’m engaged to a wonderful man who I thank the Lord for every day, and I CANNOT wait to marry him.

I believe confidence is key, which is part of the reason I decided to start blogging! I’ve always been creative, and whether it be through an inspiring outfit, a workout routine, or a random #lifehack, my goal is to make your life easier through this blog. I want y’all to be able to visit my blog every day and be inspired to live your life to the fullest. 

A bit more about me:  I’m from a small town called Manchester, Tennessee, and I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Civil Engineering degree in 2014. I will always be a Volunteer and an engineer at heart (and proud of it!) I’m the youngest of three kids, and my family means the world to me.  Coffee, dark chocolate, and red wine make me happy. Running is my best stress reliever, and I’d probably go crazy without it! My second best stress reliever: Margaritas and tacos! (who’s with me?!)

Thank you so much for reading. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions!  I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know y’all!

“Life is like riding a bike. To maintain balance, you must keep moving.” –Albert Einstein


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