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You Can Never Be Overdressed or Overeducated


Haaaappy Tuesday y’all! So normally I post on Monday’s, but life just got in the way this week. (ahem, #bachelorettepartyprobs) So, I didn’t make my self-made deadline… but oh well! Sometimes you just have to reset your timeline. 

Anyways, today I wanted to share this beautiful embroidered dress with you. I’m OBSESSED with this dress! It’s the perfect transition piece for spring because I’ve been able to wear it with tights and black boots, OTK boots (shown here), brown riding boots, and cowboy boots. I could totally see pairing it with wedges in the summertime, too. 

Speaking of wearing a fabulous dress, I’ve been contemplating this quote for a bit: 

Do you think this quote is true? I 100% agree with the overeducated part. You can never be overeducated IMO, because as much as you think you know about a topic, there is always more to learn. What about the overdressed part, though? Sometimes, I think you actually can be overdressed. I mean do y’all remember when Jim wore a tuxedo to work when the new boss came into town? (Looking at you Office fans!)

Jim Halpert Tuxedo the office

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That being said, I don’t think Oscar Wilde is trying to convey that wearing a tux to work is a good idea haha. Here’s what I get out of this quote: if you are confident in what you know and you present yourself in a professional and confident manner, you’re going to be taken more seriously and be more sure of yourself.

For example, if you’ve done your research on a client that you’re trying to win over, that knowledge is going to show through your attitude and how you handle yourself. Additionally, if you dress for success for the big meeting with said client, you’ll be proud of your appearance, and your confidence will shine through! 

What are y’all’s thoughts?!

Okay, back to this awesome dress. Since I’m not able to buy new clothes on the regular (you’re welcome 401k), I bought this number at the Anthropologie sale about a month ago for like 60% off (yay!). However, there are some adorable similar embroidered dresses linked below that I’m dying to get! 

Hope y’all are having a great week so far! As always, thanks for reading!

xoxo liz



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